1015 Folsom

1015 Folsom sought our expertise to enhance their marketing strategy, revitalize their social media presence, and leverage digital advertising to drive ticket sales. Struggling to effectively engage their local audience and compete with prominent venues like Bill Graham Auditorium and Midway SF, they entrusted us with the complete overhaul of their venue's marketing efforts. Our objective was to rejuvenate the club's image and establish a compelling brand perception within the local community.


To address the internal marketing structure challenges at the venue, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of their marketing framework, digital advertising strategy, and social media management. By identifying the weaknesses within their existing structure, we strategically reintroduced digital advertising, which was previously underutilized, to attract a new audience and gather valuable audience data. Upon our arrival, we observed significant disorganization and inconsistency across the venue’s social media platforms. To rectify this, we implemented a meticulous content plan, devised a content creation strategy, established a structured social post schedule, and organized all artist assets. As a result, we successfully re-engaged followers who had been disinterested for a considerable period.


In 2022, the average Cost Per Purchase (CPP) for 1015’s ads stood at $51.29. Since engaging Friends of Friends this has reduced to $10.10, resulting in significant cost savings. By implementing a consistent and effective daily posting plan, we have witnessed a substantial 39.8% boost in engagement throughout Q1 of  2023. Moreover, we have successfully grown the overall follower count by 9.9% during the same period. By establishing a strong digital presence and prioritizing social media, we have made a notable impact on the venue’s capacity. Since our involvement in Q1 of 2023, the capacity has witnessed an increase of approximately 30% compared to Q4 of 2022. These positive outcomes highlight the effectiveness of our strategies in driving engagement, expanding the audience, and ultimately enhancing the club’s overall performance.

Services Provided

Marketing Strategy
Individual Show Planning & Rollouts
Digital Advertising
Email & SMS Strategy
Content Creation & Organization
Out of Home Marketing & Street Team Promotions
Influencer Program
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